Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And On and On...

I've just watched a special on Palladium...it was Heart (in this era) performing their entire first album (Dreamboat Annie) on stage.

It's peculiar that I felt a range of emotions about this performance...I listened to the songs that, well, had awakened my sexuality, my sensuality, my head and my...no pun intended...my heart.

I can remember hearing "Crazy On You" the very first time...I had awakened to a clear summer morning and I was looking up to my windows and I heard this woman singing, almost screaming, "Lemme go crazy, crazy on you". Well, I was fifteen years old, pumped with hormones and the thought of that was quite intoxicating! I tried, feverishly, for two or three months to find out who the HELL this band was. I was told it was the Heart Sisters and other things...and finally, I found them in the record (remember records?) store. On a little known label (which I will not say here because they screwed Heart big time) was "Heart". I played "Crazy On You" and "Magic Man" and "Sing Child" over and over and over and over until the grooves (yeah, youngster, records had GROOVES!) were worn out.

Now, thirty years later...I don't know if it because I have really never grown up or if I have hope in my heart...I listened to the same songs sang by people I really didn't recognize (Big Fat Annie and Anorexic Nancy, with their latest boy-toy band and some chick with pigtails playing keys and other assorted stuff) and I realized that I still have the same feelings. I hope in my heart that I will be the best person I can be and that someone, just one, will recognize that in me! I hope that I will help...

Ann and Nancy...and I'm sorry I disparaged you in the last paragraph because I have always loved both of you, as musicians, especially, but just as nice people...Ann and Nancy, you sang about the things that I was going through at age 15-16...you understood. You helped me through.

You sang of love...you sang about the world.

This is not from "Dreamboat Annie" but I took these words to heart (again, no pun intended)...You said...

"When we get old,
How will our story be told,
Windswept, old,
Used by time,
Waiting for the bus...

Will that be us?

I still feel the feelings of a fifteen year old...I hope for love, I hope for peace in my life, I hope for better things every day.

Am I still waiting for the bus?