Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

I can remember when we called the day after Christ died "Black Saturday". Now the fuckers who run this country (and you thought it was the government...), the ad men have deemed this day "Black Friday". Yeah, well...fuck you people too!

I'm so sick of being told by the media where and when to go, where and when to be and where and when I can fuck, shit, piss and breathe.

Screw all of you.

I will not subscribe to your interpretation of the events that have happened today.

And how many people got trampled...all for the want of a fucking IPAD?

Angrily, I am,
The Fly.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Once Again, Siddown And Shuddup!

I just read from my other blog and, guess what....

I am a drag...a real drag!

When did I stop having fun with my blogs? I guess when I became a drag!

I love being here...especially in the night (ah, NightFly..get it?) and I have done nothing lately (like the last year or so) but BITCH ABOUT SHIT!

Well, who can stop that? One answer...ME!

So, The NightFly, the fun back. I may still bitch about stuff from time to time...


I'm also gonna have fun again.

ps: Maybe this whole gig is because I'm getting rid of my own wife!

Love always,
The NightFly

pps: And if you are an attractive young woman, Love Always More....write to me!

ppps: You gotta love the cows! But I still wanna know why they're in my fridge!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Siddown And Shuddup!

You know, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When did I fall out of grace? When did this happen? When did the world decide that I wasn't to have anything? That I would just exist? That I would just take their crap and enjoy it?

I'm a good f***ing man. I deserve more.

I deserve a loving woman who won't criticize me, who will love me, who will be my partner in this life. She's there...I just haven't found her.

And I'm tired of waiting for The Man...when things go wrong and it's...once in a while, not my fault, I have to wait for The Man. And I wait.

Well, that having been said...
As Always, I am....
The NightFly (Even this early in the morning!)

I wrote another blog about this photo...

"Time is was, time is was.."

I have been told that dogs and cats don't have souls...but I think they do. How can you look into their eyes and not see...well, yourself. How can you not hear their cry when they bark or meow at you! How can you say that they don't have soul when they come to you for affection or comfort, just like your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend would do?

There's more to that photo, more than I'm saying...but, I will say that we should be good to our pets. For God's brought them into your home, treat them well!

I am, even at this hour in the morning,

The NightFly!

As Brandi knows, sometimes rain will fall into your life. This morning I know (as Brandi knows) that I won't melt if I walk in the rain. I won't melt if someone disparages me. And I won't melt if I...I feel unloved.

Guess what? I'm not melting.

I'm sweet, but I'm not made of sugar and I won't melt!

I send a Big Sugary Kissy to all 12 of you who read my blog!

My Love,



I just re-wrote and re-read a few of my entries.

And many of them have the word "hurt" in them.

It made me realize that I am hurting so much...I have a wife that would spit on me rather than kiss me. I have...well, now that I think about it...aside from that, I have nothing.

I'm just old and tired. I thought for a brief f-ing moment, I might have love in my life again...but, just like the water heater that doesn't work in my house, that's not gonna happen. So I will relegate myself to an area, a room for the next few weeks. I will be purposeful, I will do what is required of me.

But I will not be happy, joyous and free.

I don't think I ever will be.

So much love to give...and no one will take it from me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

And now you see me for real. In darkness .

And I am afraid. I am afraid of myself and my thoughts.

I am alone...hurting and frightened.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

There Is Love...

Sometimes, when you think you are aren't. And sometimes when you think you aren't loved, you are.

I am just a am I to figure this whole thing out?

I'm tired and beaten...beaten down and beaten close to death.

All I want is to hold someone and love her...

That's all....

Is that so much to ask?