Thursday, November 25, 2010

Once Again, Siddown And Shuddup!

I just read from my other blog and, guess what....

I am a drag...a real drag!

When did I stop having fun with my blogs? I guess when I became a drag!

I love being here...especially in the night (ah, NightFly..get it?) and I have done nothing lately (like the last year or so) but BITCH ABOUT SHIT!

Well, who can stop that? One answer...ME!

So, The NightFly, the fun back. I may still bitch about stuff from time to time...


I'm also gonna have fun again.

ps: Maybe this whole gig is because I'm getting rid of my own wife!

Love always,
The NightFly

pps: And if you are an attractive young woman, Love Always More....write to me!

ppps: You gotta love the cows! But I still wanna know why they're in my fridge!

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