Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another thought

Momma says she doesn't want me hangin' 'round,
Whatever you do, now,don't let Momma know!

I slip out in the in the darkness,
In the frosty moonlight
Fly aross the silver morning meadow.

Candle in the window,
Shadow in the shade,
I know my love lies waiting inside

Close the door now,
Have a taste of wine.

Lord, it's been too long a time...

Way down in the past, My Love,
Feel so young and fine
Wrap your love around me,
The wind is high.

Every minute passing
I want to hold you,
Every minute gone,
Is too long a time

Too Long a Time

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Okay, I gotta do this!  This is what Christmas has really become about!  The people trampling each other for a friggin' Wii, DVD's, that enought to kill for?

This is Christmas!!!  A time of love, a time of forgiveness...

Not a time of hate and hurting.

So, Happy Christmas!

Good Evening, Again!

I have so many GREAT Christmas memories, from my childhood to my middlehood, to my oldhood!   The above picture denotes a long tradition of "The Eating of The Weinies!"  Every year my Mom would set out a Christmas Eve smoregasbord of food and we would fill our little plates.  Not to be missed were the traditional "Vienna Sausages" cooked in a hot sauce!  And not to be missed was the traditional "Eating of The Weinies"!  Sort of a competition between my brother and me.  Not so much of who could eat the many, but, who could have their first down fast! 

I tear up a little when I think of the old traditions but I am blessed that I have those memories.  I am blessed that I have those Christmas traditions so seated in my psyche and my life. 

I am blessed that I knew those people...My Mother, Audrey.  My Father, Mal and my brother, Lee.  We loved each other very much, we enjoyed each others' company and we spent glorious times together.  I have to thank The Lord for those wonderful memories.

All of the good things that I am today each of those people, including the one who is left, Paul, made me.

And so I say with a full and happy heart,

Merry Christmas And a Happy, Prosperous, Wonderful New Year to you all!

With all my love,
The NightFly...

Monday, December 19, 2011

A Drag

As George said in "A Hard Day's Night",

You're..."a drag...a real drag".

George could have been talking about me!  Read some of these blog entries and you will find I am a real drag! 

I'll be happier...I promise you1

I don't want George looking at me like that..."Yar, a real drag!"

My Best,
The NightFly!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sometimes, I am at peace with myself.
Sometimes I am not.
Sometimes, you find someone who you can call a friend.
And very rarely, they will be.

And very much so, sometimes, you want them to be.
And it doesn't always happen.

Tonight, I believe I made a friend.
And it makes my heart happy.
And My God will sanction this friendship.

And I will cherish this person
For a very long time!

If I have not told you,
Laduke would like to wish you
A Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Ano Y Felicidad!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes, at Christmas, we are alone...and even when we are with others, we feel alone.  But, if we have God and we have our relatives, we are not alone.  With God, we are never alone!

Let us have a Merry Christmas!

ps:  The picture below is of my brothers, Paul (L) and Lee (R).  Lee passed away earlier this year and I miss him. 

Monday, December 12, 2011



Can that be you?

So many images and words and songs and pictures and movies and videos and...well, what next?  Holograms?  So many times we have seen Santa.  In the malls.  On the streets, ringing bells, on TV, in the movies...

For three years at another job, I played Santa for a few hours each year.  I thought to myself, "Of course these kids are being nice, if they're not, Santa's bringing the coal!"  Maybe I was wrong.  Some of the children would timidly walk up to me, to afraid to sit on my lap, for whatever reason, almost afraid to talk to me.  And I would ask, "What do you want for Christmas?".

I will always remember the one little girl who said, "I would like you to bring my sister a doll, because that's what she wants!"  Quietly she spoke, earnestly and with conviction.  That's what she really wanted for Christmas.

Who am I, in my humility before God and Jesus Christ, to say or do anything?  I remember I asked her again, "What do you want for Christmas?"  If I remember correctly, she smiled and said nothing, slipped off my lap and ran away.

So, every time that I think about what I want for Christmas...I think about that little girl...I want the best for those who have been my confidants, my cohorts, my . . . friends.

This Christmas I will not be alone.  I will be with what is left of my family, my mother, my father, my oldest brother are gone.  I have one brother, whom I love very much and his family.  I will spend THIS Christmas with family. 

I will spend THIS Christmas with My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

And the spirit of Santa lives on...whether you can give a gift or not, if you give of yourself, you have given a Christmas present.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Don't you hear my call, though you're many years away?

Don't you hear me calling you?

Write your letters in the sand, for the day I take your hand..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's just crazy...the one labeled "Beyond the Night" and the one labeled "Twenty Minutes Into The Future" are switched. If I log onto one I get the other...

How stupid is that?

Oh, BTW, Batgirl? Just because.

I Just Don't Understand...

Apparently, the blog that I call, "The NightFly, Beyond the Night" is actually the blog called, "The NightFly, Twenty Minutes Into The Future". Don't ask, because I can't explain.

BUT! Here we are, Twenty Minutes...that's what we have with each other.

If you had twenty minutes with someone you love...what would you do?

Would you make love? Would you hold them closely and tell them how much you love them? Would you freak out and not want to touch them at all?

Or would you....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Long, Oh Lord?

Many people these days like to call their children after biblical people...Jedidiah, Rachel, Conner...oh, well, that wasn't in the Bible but it is popular. But, I'm rather thinking that one family, somewhere in the United States called their little boy Noah.

I say that because it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights in my part of the world and I'M DAMNED TIRED OF IT! God promised that he would never destroy the world by water ever again. Well, I'm pretty damned drenched!!! And I watch as everyone goes over the edge...we are ALL tired of the rain. DAMNED TIRED!

I recently said to a friend, "If I wanted to live in Seattle or the freakin' RAINFOREST, I WOULD MOVE THERE!"

Violent crime is up. Liquor sales are up. Incidents of people just freaking out are UP!

"Who'll stop the rain?"

Please, God, let us see the sun again.

As George said,
"Little Darlin', Here comes the Sun".


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Twenty Minutes...And Here I am again!

Welcome back, he said to himself. You've been away for a long time. And we have missed you.

And I am sad that I've been away for so long.

Welcome back...I'm so glad to see you!

A Wallet With Eyes!

Today, I speak of Eartha Kitt...a wallet with eyes! It's not funny to anyone except me and my only remaining brother. It's not funny...but yet, it is!

Look at the leathery face, the teeth, the eyes....a Wallet With Eyes!

That's all...just wanted to make fun of Eartha this morning.

I'm done.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Throwin a Fit!

You know, I had an image that I wanted to upload, but I couldn't. It was an image of a young person in the midst of throwing a tantrum. He was crying loudly and laying on the floor and, once his Grandmama got his ass out of the library, I spoke loudly and clearly. To Wit:

"I sure as hell wish I could lay on the floor and cry and scream and say "NO!!!!" when things don't go my way!"

Okay, that was pretty freakin' childish for me to say, but, hey, I'm a drunk and I get to say what I want. I still don't get to lay down on the floor and say "NO!" a billion times. I don't get to writhe around on the floor and cry and bitch and moan. NO!!!!! I don't get to do that! But that's because I'm 50 f---ing years old! Not 2!

But there will come that day that I get to lay on the floor, writhing around and screaming, at the top of whatever lungs I still have left...."NO!!!"

How cool will that be? And can I start training for that today?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Drag Is Back!

Quite seriously, I am not a drag! I think I have a wonderful sense of humour, sometimes just stupid...I love slapstick, you know, Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy and many times, if you watch closely, Fraser. I suggest you check an episode called "Three Valentines". In the first four or five minutes we are treated to David Hyde Pierce in a, well, what I would call a silent movie, as he readies himself for his big date! I won't ruin the incredible preformance, without a single word spoken, that he renders. But, it will make you laugh...I've seen it many times and EVERY time it makes me laugh!

I also enjoy intelligent humour and wit such as is given to us on that same television program.

And I enjoy the humorous irony of life. I, for instance, am in charge of the beer and the wine at my store. If you know me well, you understand.

When Bozo the Clown (or BT Clown as we used to call him in my house) used to say, "Just keep laughing", well, I really didn't get it then. Now I do. And when I was young and people (usually old guys with their wheezing cough and wrinkles upon wrinkles) would say, "See you in the funny papers", I didn't understand. Now I do. I even say that once in a while.

Life may be hard. Life may be your personal scourge. Life may creep up on you and take you away to a place that you will be hard pressed from which to come back.

I rather think that every morning I have an opportunity to do good. To help. To make a difference in this world. I don't always achieve this but my intentions are good. And I will endeavor not to do any harm. It has never been nor will it ever be my intention to hurt another.

With that, I am saddened that I can't be a better person. I am saddened that I can't be what I want to be, AT THIS MOMENT! I am heartened by the fact that I can be better tomorrow.

The NightFly.