Friday, May 6, 2011

Throwin a Fit!

You know, I had an image that I wanted to upload, but I couldn't. It was an image of a young person in the midst of throwing a tantrum. He was crying loudly and laying on the floor and, once his Grandmama got his ass out of the library, I spoke loudly and clearly. To Wit:

"I sure as hell wish I could lay on the floor and cry and scream and say "NO!!!!" when things don't go my way!"

Okay, that was pretty freakin' childish for me to say, but, hey, I'm a drunk and I get to say what I want. I still don't get to lay down on the floor and say "NO!" a billion times. I don't get to writhe around on the floor and cry and bitch and moan. NO!!!!! I don't get to do that! But that's because I'm 50 f---ing years old! Not 2!

But there will come that day that I get to lay on the floor, writhing around and screaming, at the top of whatever lungs I still have left...."NO!!!"

How cool will that be? And can I start training for that today?

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