Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So, Happy Christmas!

Good Evening, Again!

I have so many GREAT Christmas memories, from my childhood to my middlehood, to my oldhood!   The above picture denotes a long tradition of "The Eating of The Weinies!"  Every year my Mom would set out a Christmas Eve smoregasbord of food and we would fill our little plates.  Not to be missed were the traditional "Vienna Sausages" cooked in a hot sauce!  And not to be missed was the traditional "Eating of The Weinies"!  Sort of a competition between my brother and me.  Not so much of who could eat the many, but, who could have their first down fast! 

I tear up a little when I think of the old traditions but I am blessed that I have those memories.  I am blessed that I have those Christmas traditions so seated in my psyche and my life. 

I am blessed that I knew those people...My Mother, Audrey.  My Father, Mal and my brother, Lee.  We loved each other very much, we enjoyed each others' company and we spent glorious times together.  I have to thank The Lord for those wonderful memories.

All of the good things that I am today each of those people, including the one who is left, Paul, made me.

And so I say with a full and happy heart,

Merry Christmas And a Happy, Prosperous, Wonderful New Year to you all!

With all my love,
The NightFly...

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