Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Never Ends...

I learned something the other day...that, what I have, will never end. I am trying so hard to not be the fit into the DayWorld. And I'm just not sure I'm ever gonna be able to do it. I have a Twit or a Tweet or a Twitter or a Tweeter or a Twieter or a Twater or something like that and people are actually following me. Following what I do!

Let's have a look at that...who gives a crap what I do from moment to moment...when I shave, when I shower, when I watch TV, when I go to bed, when I do whatever I do...who gives a hairy rats...?

I am trying SO HARD to be a DayWorld person, even though I mostly work the night shift. I just don't want to isolate to the night. I don't want to miss the sunrise...but the sunset suits me just a little better.

I am The NightFly and always will be.

What I have, what I am, what I will be, what is yet to come...

Will never change.

And never end.
I see that same hooded face,
It beckons me from the gate
"Did you not know, my friend?
Ten years ago was the end?"

"After the war,
Waterloo was no more...
But your ticket states,
there is one train,
it's leaving now,
There is a place,
Remember my face,
And Waterloo"

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