Thursday, August 5, 2010

There was a time when I believed in love...I believed that you could fall in love with someone...and believe me, I don't care if you love a woman or a man. If you feel that feeling of love, well, there you are!
There was a time that I believed that you could fall in love...that love was something to hold on to. That love was something. I've written numerous songs about love...
I still, at my age, think that it happens.
Marshall Crewshaw, In the 1980's, said it best, at least for me!
I never thought I'd be in this situation,
It seems wherever I go I'm with you
I never seem to find my place,
Every time I see your face!
It seems to be,
A reverie,
You're here with me!
Whenever you're on my mind,
I leave the world behind....
And so, I still believe...
And I want to be in love...I want to love someone.

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