Saturday, June 11, 2016

This is kind of a personal blog message but I need to put it down on "paper", so to speak...

I am a cat person.  Don't get me wrong, I love all animals, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, cats, etc.  I especially like anything that's soft, furry and can interact with me.  But, I especially like cats.  I have had cats all my life and they're just the coolest little people on the planet.  

If you leave a dog over a weekend and go somewhere on a little getaway, you have to find someone to feed and walk and take care of the little dude.  With a cat, you fill a big bowl with food, another bowl with water, make sure all the breakables are put away and you leave.  'Nuff said?  

When you arrive home from the trip, the dog will go out of its mind.  "Oh, my God, I thought you were gone forever", "I'm so happy to see you!", "Dear Lord, I thought you were dead and I really didn't like that person who came over to feed me".  All the while, the dog is jumping up and down on you, slobbering all over everything, barking, shedding, biting and just generally being hysterical.

When you arrive home from the trip, the cat will look up from your favorite chair and say, "Oh, you were gone?"

Cats are autonomous.  The do what they want, when they want and they don't give a rat's rear-end about you or anything else, for that matter.  However, when they are feeling like it, they love to come up and cuddle and sit in your lap and walk all over you in bed at six in the morning and let you know that you are part of their world.

Cats are cool.  In my estimation, cooler than a lot of people I've met. 

That's my view of this world. 

And I still want a cat.  Sometime soon.  

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