Friday, July 1, 2016

Many times, There is nothing there!

Ok, just for the sake of reason, let's say that, sometimes when I get on this blog to write, I really have nothing to say.  Well, this is one of those moments.  What I'm saying is that I am bereft of any ideas whatsoever and only posted this picture because I thought it was bizarre. 

Then I thought to myself that I should look for some other weird pictures and see what thoughts might come to mind.  Very much in the fashion of those of the greatest tabloids like the National Enquirer and, especially, the World Weekly News, I'll take a picture first and then write the story around it.  Not the other way around like it should be. 

So now I've come across photos like the one above.  Only a very demented mind could really make up anything like a plausible story that could fully explain this picture. 

 Cannabalism...very cool.

Nuns with Guns!  Rock and Roll!

I would love to go see Rox Bauschneder and his creepy-ass sidekick, Charlie!  Fun for all ages!

And finally...

And you all thought that this world was bizarre and completely tilted.  Remember, these are all vintage photographs.  From that "simpler time" we all talk about.  These photographs, while not inspiring any prose, does inspire me to one question.


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