Saturday, July 2, 2016

May the Fourth be with you.

This weekend we celebrate the 240th anniversary of our freedom.  We must remember that it was the forward thinking of those founding fathers that brought us everything we have.  

While I realize that many of those founding fathers are rolling over in their graves as a result of the choices we have this year for our leader, our Commander in Chief, our President, it is what we have.  We must remember to be grateful to be able to vote at all.  For years in what used to be the U.S.S.R. they did not have this opportunity.  There are still many countries in this world that don't have that privilege.  Many of us don't even exercise our right and responsibility to vote.  That's the real shame of it all. 

On this day, we must also remember those who went before us and who are serving now to make this country free and the greatest country in the world.  Although I never served, I applaud and appreciate those men and women who have served, who have lived and died to in service of this country.

Remember, when you complain about our choices for President or anything else about our government, we have the right to do so. 

We are truly blessed to be part of this country.

ps:  Please be careful this weekend.  Don't blow off any fingers or something like that, okay?

Have a truly blessed and safe Fourth Of July!

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